Get Active with Roze

Get Active with Roze

Hi Ladies, so it’s been a while and I thought I would take the time to give you some insight into our gorgeous New Active Range for your curves.

And yes, when designing the range I went a little out there - I wanted something sassy and fun, as active wear should really energize you and bring about your A game. Let’s be honest, covid hasn’t been easy on most of our waistlines, not that we, in any way encourage weight-loss, LOL, however, Health is a different story.

I firmly believe you can be healthy whether you are skinny or curvy, but it’s really a personal journey.  There’s always a starting point for caring for your health, and the road is not easy, in fact, the map from starting to getting moving looks like a twisted pretzel; but, our aim at Roze with our activewear is to make you feel gorgeous and vibrant at any size while working out, because fitness doesn’t have a size, it’s a lifestyle that’s all inclusive. ..

So, when I started out designing the activewear, I thought about what I want out of activewear, and these were my starting points:   

I wanted comfortable but funky leggings, something that can withhold the friction of the thighs, and that, no matter how I bend or twist, won’t go see-through, and something I can continuously wash and wear and not have to pull back up every time I bend or squat!  

I then also thought about what I would like from a top? Well, I was tired of plain tshirts that are frumpy, because I always struggle with mounds of sleeve as I have to go drastically bigger for anything to remotely fit my hip and bum!  I hate something I am constantly tugging at, so that ruled out those fitted vest racer backs that consistently roll up as you move, so eventually, your main workout is fighting with your top!  But, I still wanted something fitted around my bust and sleeveless as I get so hot when I’m working out. From here my inspiration came for the Roxy Racerback we offer, it’s fitted in the bust and has an inner support, it has a gorgeous racerback design that is cool and from the bust it literally flows out over my hips so I don’t have to keep pulling anything down, magic!

Also, we introduced our Basic Tee and printed tees, these are cool - the amazing fit our curves need, longer length and once you fit one you will want 5.

My business partner, Sue, has been on her own incredible fitness journey and is of late becoming quite the connoisseur of active wear.  She brought clever ideas to the forefront like the cropped leggings as it gets super hot while walking, and the gorgeous little crop tops that are just a nice throw over if you’re walking in a cooler climate or want to cover your arms.   Of course, I had to add a splash of lumo into the mix, and, between the both of us, the energetic colours were at the forefront for activewear.

You will notice the gorgeous cuts, vibrant colours and most importantly how each item is built for comfort, movement and wash and wear. We went above and beyond just the usual legging, with intricate cuts and the hidden side panel pocket, this allows for a phone etc when walking or jogging if needed.

My personal favourite is the Salsa Splat top that rouches up the sides with toggles and a gorgeous arty splash of paint on the front.  This is a great throw over for going for a walk, popping to the gym or actually just looking funky, as it can be worn with normal leggings or our jeggings as well.

Sue loves her Box Cut Hoodie, which has a funky star on the front and is light weight, yet keeps the chill factor out.  It’s also a piece you can wear as an everyday item.

So, taking this gorgeous new collection in, I am sure you are asking:  “But does it support its function as well as look so great?”, and to that, I would have to say, a strong yes! We chose really super high quality lycras and cool fabrics particularly for that reason, but we also designed the range around busy people that perhaps might want to be ready for their workout in amongst their busy schedule, then, have to pop to the shops or fetch the kids.  The items look good enough to wear to the store and still feel put together. And trust me, I have a booty and tum for days, so I have squatted, walked, bent in ways I probably shouldn’t, and I know Sue has definitely done some pretzels in her activewear and we are proof that the range functions as good as it looks!

So ladies, go on, give it a try, pop on some of our Active Wear and just take a small walk up the road and back.  Stretch your body out!  Each day you will feel a little stronger and a little better about accomplishing something for yourself. Let your workout time, even if it is 10 or 15minutes, be just for you! Look and feel good in some beautiful workout gear, and just with that tiny little step you can start walking back towards self care and love, that we tend to push to the back of the queue to care for all the others in our lives. I’m getting my gear on and lacing up my sneakers, how about you?

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