Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers

Brrrrr, winter is here and it’s in full force, icy temps and snow on the mountains, I thought the most appropriate blog would be to write on our winter warmers! I am sure you agree!!!
As I sat this wknd, unable to get out of bed due to the extreme cold, I thought wait a minute, this is the perfect weekend to don my Onesie, yes, yes, I looked a bit like a yeti, but truth be told it was awesome, I finally braved the lounge! Hahahaha!
I then looked outside and thought oh no, I have to brave the outdoors soon, “What will I wear?” if not my whole wardrobe layered until my arms no longer touch my sides, then what? And low and behold I thought to my Roze Collection winter warmers, and was so happy I had gotten one of the fleece lined hoodies and some cigar leg pants that could fit into my boots.
Yes yes, I wore my leggings under the cigar pants, it was 2 degrees, can you blame me! I couldn’t help thinking I wished I had a Biker Roze jacket as that would surely be even warmer, but I must admit the Fleece lined Hoodie did the trick. So all kitted out, leggings, cigar pants, strappy cami, long sleeve cami, Hoodie and scarf I was set to go and I must admit I braved the cold in style.
Roze has brought out such awesome pieces for winter, from the tops and leggings to layer with, to the Gorgeous soft jackets and hoodies, you will love your winter wardrobe if you build it with us.
We have cozy relaxed fit hoodies, the unlined ones for those at the coast in the warmer climates like 10 degrees, and we have the fleece lined items for those reaching 2 degrees and below. We also have some sexy winter tops, like the Julia and Enchantress to shine with, when you take that Biker Jacket off, and some sassy lace up leggings and leather and lace leggings. Our pants really are fit for all year round wearing, I just appreciate that our basics fit so well that you can sneak them under what you wearing or wear them alone in Summer.
And after all that, I got home, had a warm bath and slipped straight back into my onesie, ahhhh isn’t that the best way to spend an icy winter weekend, warm and snuggled in my onesie! I think so!

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