Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Hi Ladies, hope you're all doing well! So each blog I tend to write about clothing and either giving advice on figure shapes or winter basics and layering and what not else, and as much as I love sharing that knowledge with you, I also sometimes just want to check in and write something for my readers from a feelings perspective.

Being curvy gals, I'm sure we can all relate to the health and fitness struggle and the up and down fluctuations between finding balance with our exercise and eating habits. Honestly, it's about balancing & respecting ourselves and it’s easier said than done. It seems that we get so caught up and busy, that we forget to respect and love ourselves.

During the pandemic we have all found ourselves feeling trapped in, in some way or another.  I think alot of us have been evaluating our lives and choices, our quality of life and what's important or not. And while I have found it quite overwhelming to figure it all out, I think we need to really count our blessings each day and be greatful for the small things as well as the big things. With so many people losing loved ones, it puts a lot into perspective and brings to the forefront what really is important to us in life.  For me body positivity and self- love, as well as the spirit of gratitude and kindness has hit home, realising that there is beauty in our flaws and how strong and beautiful the human spirit is in adversity. Also how important time is with those we love and just living to our full capacity. I love watching how communities come together in these times and how the human spirit comes alive.

I am choosing to start my health journey, yes, I have baked every possible thing I can and eaten it, I have tried to start exercising and just gotten swallowed into the Netflix hole all snuggled up in winter, but although choosing to love and care for yourself means hard work and commitment, it also means allowing yourself that big piece of chocolate cake when you want it, and enjoying special home-made pizza nights with the kids, but learning a balance and that the body needs movement as well as good nutrition.

Please know, that I in no way endorse that we need to try get skinny, I feel we need to strive for health, and whether that is a size 34/36 for you or a size 46, that's perfect. You are beautiful at any size, this is more about focusing on your goals and what will make you feel comfortable and confident to love and live life, to be the best version of you that you can be. I find that goal setting has helped me to celebrate mini accolades of accomplishment. Do small things like 15min of exercise each day and start to build it up, try cut something bad from your diet for a week and see if it helps, trust me I'm trying this with you, send me some feed back in what has worked for you and how you have adapted health and self respect into your daily routine. Because you are worth it ladies! Do it for yourselves even if it’s 15 minutes a day, it can be anything that you need, exercise, quiet time or gardening, just give yourself the nourishment you need! Start loving your beautiful selves!  

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