About Us

Roze Collection was birthed by two very passionate and vibrant partners, Sue Clifton and Claire Scott. Both have an immense passion for beautiful things and making the world a brighter, happier more fun filled place, a place filled with gorgeous, high fashion for every woman!

After many fun filled afternoons and much girl time, Roze Collection combusted from their combined years of experience across many fields of expertise, namely retail, customer service, business and fashion! There was a clear gap in the South African market for beautifully fitted, high fashion plus size clothing!

They didn’t want to just see flowing dresses and baggy tops for curvy women, they wanted leather and lace, and sexy curve-hugging garments, garments that weren’t being constantly tugged back into place but fitted like a second skin while flattering all the right places. The utmost care has been taken in tediously developing every curve of each pattern that it drapes, and flows, and fits as opposed to clinging, riding up or slipping down in all the wrong places.

Roze Collection offers a variety of items, which will take you from corporate wear, to evenings out, to high fashion weekend events, to chilling with your boo and sleeping in luxury. It took many months of laughter, tears and madness, developing the great fit and finish of each item, ensuring the customer would be assured of the utmost care with each item purchased.

Roze Collection isn’t just about selling beautiful garments, it’s about creating a culture of gorgeous, curvy women that feel confident, who learn to love their curves and appreciate just how truly beautiful they are. Roze Collection’s goal is to be the frame to the beautiful woman you are! Sewn into each item isn’t just loads of passion, love and care, but also a special little note to each and every woman, to remind them every day how beautiful they are.

Partners, Sue and Claire, through careful selection and immense passion have chosen the finest fabrics, with as much sourced and produced locally as possible. With this in mind, they found some exquisite local fabrics, like the amazing legging knit, this was knitted and dyed exclusively for Roze Collection on South African soil, its superior blend allows for a luxurious fit, ensuring that second skin comfort with no transparency and longer wear and tear. The perfect legging.

All garments are manufactured locally and their goal, apart from having fun and producing beautiful high fashion pieces, is to empower people! To empower curvy women to feel and look their best, empower businesses to grow through the sales chain, empower their own team to grow beyond their own expectation and realise their potential!

With each purchase from Roze Collection you will not only feel amazing and be on trend in each item, but also know that growth for Roze Collection will ensure growth for so many through so many channels.