Claire Scott

Claire the madhatter of Roze Collection is the creative behind our brands designs and makeup processes. Being a curvy gal herself, she understands what curvy women feel, need and want! Roze Collection is the explosion of many years of hard work and a great opportunity! Claire truly believes life can change in five minutes, it’s all about choices and following through with them! Her expertise lie in the fashion industry and her passion in making people feel great about themselves.

Claire has a wealth of knowledge in the industry, she never knew when she started sewing lessons at 16, the great adventure she would be unlocking for her future. Hungry for experience and to grow into every facet of the industry, she took every opportunity and grabbed it with both hands, from working in factories, in design rooms, in retail stores and with specialised couturiers both locally and abroad. Her experience ranges from High-street fashion to bridal and lingerie.

Customer service is always at the heart of everything Claire does, as no one is more important to her than her customers, as they bring her creations to life! The best part for her is, every single person is different, which brings a new and exciting flare to each item, this enables each design to have its own personality, which is at the heart of Claire’s passion of design - to mosaic the world in beautiful fashion.

For Claire, when the opportunity of Roze Collection came along, it was like the moment a rosebud opens, all the time and energy going into the growth of the healthy roots and stem, all the weather conditions it had stood tall through, culminated into this beautiful bloom, opening with the most amazing fragrance. Claire knows that Roze Collection will be like an ever blooming rose bush, withstanding all the conditions but still standing tall and beautiful.

Her great passion is in helping people grow, to realise their true beauty and hidden potential, giving them the nudge they require to learn their strengths. Her other great passion is of course her intense love of fashion, she refers to herself as the Madhatter mixed with the Cheshire Cat, overflowing with “crazy” and pushing boundaries, while magically being there for people when they need her. Nothing is impossible!!! There is no such thing as a problem, only a challenge that strengthens you! Everything in life is a choice!

"I love this brand it is my passion brought to life through beautiful fabrics and designs, my only hope is that the customers of Roze Collection
will love it just as much, and appreciate the care and attention we put into every last detail and finish. I want plus size ladies to feel sexy,
beautiful and to be on trend, to love what they are wearing, but realise that they should love themselves because life happens and that's okay!
It doesn't change who we are or how we feel inside, to be a little more curvy than others, it doesn't change our longing to be desired by men
or look beautiful in a great outfit while out with our friends, our shape doesn't define us, it just belongs to us!" -Claire