Layering in Winter

Layering in Winter

Winter, winter, winter! Yes, just as these words are layered so too can we layer our clothing in winter. I fully recommend this as it not only makes your wardrobe more versatile through the seasons, it allows for you to be warmer as you step outdoors and cooler as you sit near the heater.

Also, we tend to start our day in subzero temps, midday the beautiful winter sun comes out and as that sun sets, without realizing we are layering up again into something snuggly.

I like to start with some great basics, a good pair of leggings or fitted trousers, this is obviously dependent on your preference and shape, but I tend towards leggings or cigar pants as I like to get warm and tuck my pants into my boots. Then I start on top with a cami, this depends on how cold it is, and the neckline of your top overlay, as to whether you go for strappy like a vest or long sleeve cami. Then I layer items like the Chelsea, Dorothy or Lincoln blouse over  the basics. These are all year round favourites, which layered up with a scarf and jacket work for winter.

Even Lucy can work with the Laceup Bolero Jacket, it’s all about playing with lengths and proportions.

Another great layered look could be your base of leggings, cami and the Long Sleeve Waterfall blouse, paired with the Bella Rosa floral tux jacket, very stylish with some long or ankle boots.

Layering is a lighter way of staying warm and stylish, working with classic styles that suit you and trusting your basics. I say this because you need good solid basics at the base of all your layers to avoid the pesky rolling up and uncomfortable feeling that you need to tug anything into place. Once you have a good base you can layer to your hearts content with confidence.  But please, follow the rules of your shape from my previous blogs on dressing to your body shape and don’t over do it.

Another rule with layering is that even though you are layering and you might get carried away with shapes and layers, please limit the colours, go with a base colour and add colour blocking, or go with the base colour and add a colour blocked item with a print, have accent items like  the top or scarf, play around with shoe colour, but remember, we are not layering a Christmas tree, we are staying elegantly  stylish, or sassy and sexy in our layered winter looks.

We would love to see some of your winter layered looks, why not show us on our social media how you are layering your looks this winter!

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