Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials

Hi ladies, so it would seem the winter months are upon us and the cold has crept in - just the other day we were sipping Piña coladas in the sun, and now we have slowly migrated indoors, the blankets are coming out and things are getting cosier. I must admit, I still have the leg out the blanket moments, but the icicles are definitely coming!

That being said, I would love to get you ready for the Brrrr season with some advice on Winter Essentials. At Roze we offer Full Length Leggings that are all year round - the rich cotton content allows for breath-ability, comfort and that all year round temperature control. But why not add in some decorative leggings - we offer the Pleather and Lace and Lace-up Leggings, to name but a few. We also have some gorgeous Cigar Leg Pants and Jeggings. I am referring to the more fitted pants, cuts as these work well with boots, as well as the layering effect. Layering always works in winter, however, you don’t want too much bulk and thus the skinny leg essentials.

Now, if we’re going to talk about the Winter Essential Tops, firstly, I would recommend our Camis.  If you’re like me, I like to wear a nice firm cami under everything, and the best part about the Roze camis are, they are longer length so you won’t get that roll-up effect. You know the roll-up effect I’m talking about, its kind of mid-conversation, you’re sitting, and suddenly you feel a bit cooler around the midriff, like something is climbing up your back and tummy, and just like that, before you can catch it - because you can’t get under enough layers quick enough its like a roll-up blind on command, and off it goes - right up under your bust! Or, the very least, half mast, to the belly button!  I have also gotten out the car in a parking lot, and, while trying to look completely normal, reached up under the layers to pull down the cami, reaching to get the one side back in place, while the other side pops up, and Bob’s your uncle! Unbeknown to you, you have become quazimodo in the parking lot with the most creative walk known to man!  I must add, this is also why I love our leggings - you don’t have to keep pulling them up while doing the starter motor leg kick, trying to disguise it as a new type of step!

My emphasis here ladies, is to explain how important the correct fitting basics are to any good outfit!

At Roze, we offer shoestring Camis as well as ¾ Sleeve and Long Sleeve.

From these items layering up is the fun part, choosing different tops and jackets to your hearts content.

Another amazing Winter Essential is my Onesie - it’s my ‘I can’t wait to bath and snuggle into my Onesie for the night’ - it cuts the chill factor and is literally like you’re wearing a blankie to bed and all around. Sure I may look like a big bear in my Onesie, but I don’t invite people into my cave in winter, so that’s okay with me. It’s a super awesome winter piece!  I love it because it feels like you’re constantly being hugged, and you don’t need the living room blanket, just a good glass of red with your feet up and you set to face those cold nights!


Next week we will look at the Winter Warmers and what to add to your basics😊

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