Curvy Roze - Back to Basics

Curvy Roze - Back to Basics

Hi guys, so being Spring, I’ve decided to take you back to Basics. We will soon be giving tips on decluttering and reorganising your wardrobe, so building your wardrobe from the base up is a good place to start to rebuild, after you have attempted the spring time wardrobe cleanse so to speak.

So, I know if you have curves like I do, you will know the struggle of friction, you know the friction I’m talking about ladies! Yes, that’s right, the friction between your thighs! Now, we all know those leggings don’t last forever, but they do make a great basic!  So when choosing your leggings, splurge a little extra and go for a good fitting cotton. Look for a firm, breathable cotton that can streamline your shape in comfort. Comfort is so important in a basic, as they should really feel like a second skin, not something you’re pulling and tugging at to sit right as a basic should fit and stay in place.

Another great basic to have is a cami.  Choose a firm cami that holds you in, with a decent length that sits comfortably and doesn’t roll up. There’s nothing worse than having a base garment you’re constantly reaching under your top to pull down. Rule of thumb with your basics, they should have a good, supportive fit and make you feel comfortable and confident.

Roze collection offers a lot of amazing basics made from great quality fabrics, from their full length leggings to their plain neck cami, you really will be spoilt for choice with their quality.

There are so many variations of camis, if you want to expose the neckline, a slight rouge or gather at the centre front adds a great complimentary line.  A plain neck cami is great for layering, so decide your needs and cater to those. To tell you the truth - I build on one of each so that I have options.

So the two items that are a great basic all-rounder are the cami and leggings, however, some prefer a smart trouser basic and could therefore treat a smart trouser in a good cut and fit as a staple basic.

When choosing your pants you need to know which cut works best for your shape, bootleg, straight or cigar leg are the basic three. There are many more variations, but it really depends on your shape. Please take a gander through my previous blogs on figure shapes to find the best option for you.  

Another great basic is a tailored jacket, like the Roze Suzanne Corporate Jacket or the more edgy Black Tux Jacket, depending on your style.

From these basics you can pretty much add fashion pieces and build an interchangeable wardrobe. Good classic basics will go a far way to keeping you slick and ready for any occasion. Go on, have fun building yourself a solid wardrobe from the ground up and go back to basics in style!

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