Curvy Roze - Sleek Column

Curvy Roze - Sleek Column

Hi you gorgeous columns! What a great shape to talk about as spring has sprung! I say this because we have a myriad of stunning cuts and shapes to suit you, in your sleek column stature, with that beautiful height!

Let’s discuss how to identify that you are a column, with features other than height, and how to go about dressing this great shape.

You are most probably a column shape if you look in the mirror and see:

column shape

  • Your shape is quite boxy with no properly defined waist
  • Your bust and hips are very similar measurements, and your waist is also pretty close to those measurements
  • You have long straight legs, sometimes lean
  • You have a smaller to average bust

Now Columns, yes I know you have struggles with dressing just like any other shape does, but let’s be honest, there’s not a lot that doesn’t look ab fab on your gorgeous silhouette. This is one of the most balanced proportioned shapes to dress, you’re practically a hanger for making garments look gorgeous, even famous people like Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway and Queen Latifah are sleek columns.

You can basically carry off most of the designer looks thrown together for the catwalks, as you are tall and slender, and garments just drape on you. A boyfriend shirt falls just right, capris cut at just the right length, the list goes on…

Let’s delve into some of the looks and how they work for you. Firstly, we know a great signature look for columns is the boyfriend look.  This is usually brought together with a tailored or box cut button-up shirt and some jeans, however, you can sass this look up for summer with some capris and heels. To ensure this look works without adding bulk, choose tailored or fitted items, rather than those that drape from the shoulder, which would make you look very boxy and add bulk.

Columns should wear more fitted tailored jackets as well, like the Summer Bella Rosa, although, layering with the Charlotte Jacket would also work well.

The great thing about column shapes, is that they can pretty much wear almost any cut of pants, but can carry off a pair of Wide leg or palazzo pants beautifully.

This shape doesn’t really need to change any proportions for balance as they are well proportioned, however, there’s no harm in playing with items to create a waist. A great outfit to try is a cami, worn with some Harem pants and finished off with a gorgeous Wrap Belt to create a waist.

Another great way to create a waist illusion for this shape is with waistline detail like pleating, rouging and wide bands.

A wrap top like Matilda works well, as peplum cuts are fantastic on column shapes, asymmetrical cuts also look great.

The feature piece and a personal favourite I would recommend for the column shape is the ever famous shirt dress, like our Hannah, a timeless classic that falls perfectly on the column. Our Roze Hannah shirt dress is specially designed to accommodate curves, but can be tied back to work beautifully on the column shape.

What a great selection at your fingertips!  How can you not have fun with your wardrobe this season?! Just remember the key points, like keep items well fitted and structured. Classic styles will go the distance and waistline details and belts work their charm on you. What a great shape to embrace as summer approaches!


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