Curvy Roze - Perfectly Pear

Curvy Roze - Perfectly Pear

Hi beautiful peeps, today I am back to talk about our gorgeous pears!!! Yes the exciting shape that holds the most coveted booties!!! Now ladies, I am going to do this a little differently today, I am going to offer you the option to play down your curves and make your pear appear to be a more subtle hourglass, and then, for the brave and daring and those that absolutely love rocking their booty, I am going to advise you on the sexiest, most form fitting items that will really show off those God given curves!

There are some difficulties that come with this shape, as our perfect pears know the struggle is real when trying to find pants to fit your waist and hips, there are little elastic tricks you can do, but our Roze pants offer stretch in the right places and we have developed an elasticated waistband in our cigar pants which we will be introducing in all our pants moving forward. It looks like a band but hugs like elastic. But enough of that, let’s get down to the business of identifying a pear shape and if you have one. Pears will have the following traits:

  • You carry most of your weight in your hips and thighs, in other words it’s all about that base, yes, your booty is rocking!!!
  • You are usually more petite in the shoulders, so shoulders are narrower than hips
  • You usually have a smaller bust in proportion to your hips
  • You have a gorgeously defined waist due to your rocking booty!

So, let’s start styling you, firstly I am going to style you in items that will balance out your shape and bring you into a more hourglass look, we will move gradually into the  bolder booty looks.

If you looking for an outfit that works for pear shape, you want to go for pants that are almost fit and flare, so perhaps a bootleg or a fit and flare wide leg that fits the hip and flows from the thigh which we will be launching in summer. We do have some beautiful palazzos that also work, if you follow the palazzo link you will see our model Kayla who is pear shaped.

 For your petite top to balance out you want to wear a top that widens out your shoulder and bust area but that doesn’t add bulk to the hip area, off shoulder styles work beautifully on pear shapes like our Sophia tops in black or print, there is also a longer version, which will allow you to brave our superior leggings. Another great cut to create balance in a pear is a cowl neck like that of our gorgeous Shropshire. The rule is to add detail around your neckline and shoulders to balance out your hips.

Dresses can really work for this gorgeous shape, there are 3 definites that come to mind from our collection, firstly a winner is the Penny lane maxi , the reason this design from our collection works is because it is cut to fall and drape beautifully from the  hip, secondly our gorgeous Kathryn Maxi, this amazing mock wrap cut accentuates that tiny waist and cascades over those curves, a stunner that will make you feel fantastic no matter your mood. An empire line is a great cut for our perfect pears, and speaking of empire lines, the mecca of femininity in a dress, the amazing Sophia Maxi!!! Softly draping over your curves, accentuating that tiny waist and balancing out those petite shoulders so elegantly, this would be my ultimate recommendation for any occasion or just a summers day! It comes in different colours to suit your palette.

Now let’s ease into you daring pears, if you like to show off that booty, why not brave the shorter Midi Sophia or perhaps be even more daring and try one of our body cons like the black body con with a wrap belt to accentuate your waist and show off that bootilicious shape!!! You could also brave some of our fitted cigar pants with a gorgeous little Lucky cropped cowl.

The idea of dressing to your shape is a guideline, and my hope of sharing the advice in this blog is that it will help you embrace your curves and love the body you were given. And pear shaped ladies, booties are so hot right now, consider yourselves the icons of the times! Have fun with your shape and enjoy it! You are beautiful!!!

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