Curvy Roze - Juicy Apple

Curvy Roze - Juicy Apple

So this week we will be discussing the much anticipated apple shape, which a lot of our customers resonate with.  I know growing up, I watched my mum working out what to wear as this shape. It can be quite a challenging shape to dress, but when done right it looks great!

Now my juicy apples, I know you have all had those days, when no matter what you try on you literally feel like an apple on toothpicks and nothing looks or feels right. I am however hoping to alleviate some of those days and make you love your gorgeous shape!

You will identify most with this shape if you have the following:

  • You have no defined waist per say
  • You tend to gain weight mainly in the middle around your tummy and not much on your legs and arms
  • Your bust is generally medium to large and your bust, waist and hip measurements are similar

So the positive points about having this shape are that you probably have legs and arms you don’t mind showing off, you have a cleavage to work with and a waist illusion is possible with the correct lines. Also the shirt dress that a few shapes struggle to wear can be worn with ease by the gorgeous apple.

Please note the inverted triangle is slightly different to the apple and we will delve into the inverted triangle in following blogs, but today is all about the apple.

So the main aim when dressing this shape is to create a waistline and balance out the top and bottom half to create a fluid look of harmony with lines.

When choosing pants, apples should enhance and show off their gorgeous legs, thus choosing fitted styles like our killer cigar leg pants or skinny jeans. Leggings are also a win or even jeggings, the trick is to keep them fitted. Show off those pins!

You can pair these skinny leg items with a longer tunic style top like Lucy with a fitted sleeve, or a crossover peplum top, which not only has a stunning fitted sleeve so as to not add bulk, but also has the belted waist to create the illusion of a waist.

Being an apple, the trick is to play with V-necks, create complimentary lines which lengthen the décolletage, and add belts to create a waistline.

An asymmetric poncho could be a good sassy winter look for you. If you wanting to buy a jacket, look for a more tailored piece, so as to add less bulk like the Bella Rosa tux jacket. A jacket that ends at the hip works best for this shape, however if you are wanting to go for a trench or over coat your best option would be an A-line coat, one that flows but doesn’t flare or add bulk.

Lastly, dresses, now apple shapes have quite a few options and while a Kathryn Maxi would look great on this shape, or the classic Pennylane wrap would create a beautiful waistline, I can’t help but steer apple shapes to the LBD’ s so to speak.

You know what I’m saying ladies, show off those legs and pop on some heels with the sassy Velvet bodycon or my personal favourite for you gorgeous apples the Wildfire bodycon. This would be my ultimate if you’re looking for that wow factor. The low neckline embraces that gorgeous cleavage, the rouging hides any lumps or bumps and the length shows off those sexy legs which are lengthened by a good pair of heels. The apple often has great arms so going sleeveless is no issue for her. This is a great timeless cocktail dress that will be your best friend for years to come.

Please note, and this is super important from me to you, I am in no way trying to make you hide your curves, but to enhance your best features and embrace those curves! Love your shape, enjoy being a delicious apple! The only way to embrace your curves and have fun with clothing that makes you look and feel great, is to understand the most flattering lines specially for you! I hope this has helped and that in breaking down the sections you have an idea of what will work for you! Next week we will delve into a different shape, because no matter our size we all have a shape ladies and it’s time we learn to love them!

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