Curvy Roze - Gorgeous Hourglass

Curvy Roze - Gorgeous Hourglass

Hi Ladies, so today we are going to delve more into specific figure shapes and how to make the most of the beautiful bodies we were given. This week’s blog is going to focus on the gorgeous hourglass, the curvy wonder that honestly can pull off possibly the biggest variety of looks.

So, this is the figure shape I identify with most, although I have gained an apple in the midsection as well, so my shape is a little trickier than a straight forward hourglass to dress.  However in this post I will speak purely on the hourglass shape.

There are a few defining traits that you can check to see if you are in fact an hourglass shape.  The most defining being the following:

  • Your bust and hips are similar measurements
  • Your smallest part is your waist
  • If you gain weight it’s not in one specific place, it’s kind of all over

So basically the hourglass is a beautifully balanced shape and possibly the easiest to dress, anything from a body con dress to a normal cotton t-shirt and jeans will look great on this shape. But let’s delve into some recommendations.

The hourglass looks great in tailored items due to their proportions, as well as items that fit the curves with a bit of stretch. For a professional look why not try our gorgeous Pencil skirt in black or white , pair it with a Waterfall blouse tucked in to accentuate your waist.

For a more sexy look why not try the Julia peplum with some Lace up leggings or tucked into our Sexy Rexy pleather pencil skirt for that dramatic body con effect.

All these items are great for the hourglass, the pencil skirt, peplum and leggings. Always remember to accentuate that waist and balance the top and bottom half to get the most out of your look.

Another great classic for an hourglass figure would be a wrap dress, Roze offers the Penny lane as well as the Kathryn maxi which is a mock wrap and works fabulously with most figure shapes. There is also the Sweetlove wrap for a special occasion.

I’m sure by now you have noticed in the links I have used styles that are predominant on Jessica, one of the Roze models that is an hourglass shape, I chose to use links rather than just a list so that you can click through and see how the outfit is worn and how it sits on the specific model shape we are discussing, after all our aim is to dress curvy women and who better to use as an example than one of our awesome curvy gals.

The list does go on of items that will work on hourglasses, like Bodycon dresses with stretch, Cigar pants with a gorgeous tailored jacket. The cigar suit was basically made with this figure shape in mind, it shows off the curves in all the right places.

If you looking for a dressed down look this shape could even pull off a basic tee like the Rambler and leggings or jeans, although to be honest one of my favourite and more sexy tops I think for the hourglass is still the Carriere. It has a vavavoom to it that just makes you look and feel great when  you put it on. Like confidence in a top, it’s cut beautifully to accentuate the bust, waist and hips. I would have to say my number one pick for the hourglass would have to be the Carriere, it’s a piece that goes from day to night and summer to winter.

To sum it up the hourglass should be celebrated, and dressed to its true potential, the key to remember is to embrace your curves and work with your shape. Try our wrap belt as an add on to any outfit and show off that waist. Have fun ladies! Pop in next week to read up on the next figure shape we will be discussing, the juicy apple!


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