Curvy Roze - Figure Shapes & Fruit

Curvy Roze - Figure Shapes & Fruit

Hi there, back again to share some more info with you guys, this time on something I am super passionate about, and that is…. Every size has a shape!!! Just because we are perhaps a more juicy shape, doesn’t mean we don’t have a defined shape anymore, just means perhaps our shape got a little more luscious;)

So we all know about body shapes and have heard there are different types, but let’s delve into how they are defined.  Now I’m not going to take you into too much detail as that would require a thesus, but the main shapes we can almost all relate to are the following, hourglass, pear, apple and column.

Today I want to tell you a little bit about each shape and what you should highlight to bring out the best in your shape,  because we have a bit extra here and there you might relate to more than one shape so you can mix it up a little. For example, I have always been a bit of an hourglass, Busty and hippy or with a booty and a smaller waist, but then my hourglass got a bit lonely and felt like inviting the apple shape to the party, so now I’m an hourglass/apple mix. It’s okay though because this makes dressing to my shape even more of a challenge and I have learnt more about shapes.

 Ladies we all have a shape and in the next few blogs I will delve into each shape in more detail, but for today I want to introduce you to the base shapes so that you can look at those gorgeous curves in the mirror and identify your shape.  I will discuss them in no particular order, you can contact me in the comments below and give your feedback if you like.

Hourglass, this is a great shape that can carry off a lot of different styles, an hourglass shape is busty and has hips or a great booty, this shape accentuates those gorgeous curves and the smallest part is the waist. Accentuate the waist or try a V neck if you are this shape, it really works well.

Apple shape, nothing quite like a juicy apple ladies, this shape carries most of their weight in their midsection, and often has thinner arms and legs in proportion.  Why not try a gorgeous wrap top or dress, this style will give the illusion of a waist and balance out the shoulders, waist and hips.

Pear shaped, this gorgeous gal has a booty for days, stunning to behold, but can often struggle to balance out a look as they are smaller in the bust and waist and finding items that fit the hips and waist can be difficult. As a quick tip try a straight leg or bootleg trouser and wear your bolder colours on top, perhaps finish off your outfit with a bold accessory to balance out your look.

Column shaped, this beautiful shape is the shape that can carry off harem or palazzo pants with a wrap belt and cami, or crop top, this is a straight shape as stated in the word column, from your shoulders through to your hips is pretty uniform, there is no waist definition, and so the quickest tip for this shape is to use a wrap belt to create a waist.

I hope you will follow my blog for the next few weeks as I delve into each of  these beautiful shapes and recommend some outfits to  try, and simple rules to follow to create interchangeable looks that will get you through those, “ I have nothing to wear!” days.

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