Sue is a woman blessed not only with beautiful curves but also a wealth of knowledge across so many avenues. From her early British roots, she and her family chose to grow even stronger roots in South African soil and subsequently she has contributed to so many people’s lives in such amazing ways.

When she walks into a room, sunshine follows, with her passion for Roze Collection, it’s hard to believe her strength and expertise lie in engineering! Sue helped to build up, through many years of hard work and passion, an amazingly successful boiler company, this contributes in so many ways to the success of Roze Collection, from her amazing eye to detail and perfection, to her firm organisational skills, to her great business knowledge and market reads.

She has an immense EQ in dealing with people, teammates and suppliers. Her wealth of knowledge is the engine room powering up Roze Collection while her passion for beautiful things is fuelling the fire.

A force to be reckoned with, but with a heart of gold, Sue’s passion lies most in empowering people and giving great dreams wings. Her profound eye for realising potential and motivating it, has ensured the greatness that is Roze Collection. Sue always looks for any possible avenue to support local businesses and grow opportunities into greatness, she is a leader who is passionate about not only knowing every facet of the business, but also being able to do it.

Her early life sewing skills were a great base of knowledge, although she chose to go more into working in the mechanical side of manufacturing rather than creating the actual garment, it’s quite comical that she perfected the mechanics of the machine process and has now come back to the fabrics and garments they produce. A woman with a true hunger for how things work and a wealth of knowledge was gained from such endeavours.

Sue has a true love for beautiful things, appreciating the beauty life has to offer, fauna and flora, colours and shapes, you will want to know her more and more just by meeting her, with her smiling eyes and interesting tales which will take you on a journey from laughter to tears and back again, she truly is an incredible beauty inside and out, which emanates through her many hours and love put into the Roze Collection brand.


“I’m so proud to wear our brand of clothing. To be stopped so many times in
the street or in a shop, and being asked where you purchased such a beautiful
piece of clothing from, to be able to answer that it is our very own Roze
Collection brand. This is when you know that we are achieving everything
Claire and I have worked so hard for”. - Sue